Why Atlantis Irrigation Systems?

Provides Economical Application, Provides Easy Use, Labor and Time Savings, Provides Professional Project Support, Provides Finance and Payment Convenience Required.
Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Atlantis Irrigation Machinery would provide an increase in the harvest at maximum level;
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Technical Service

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You can call for Agricultural Irrigation Systems (Center Pivot and Linear Systems) and Compact Construction Machinery 7/24

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Atlantis Irrigation Techniques

Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Center Pivot can operate at slopes that reach 15 %. The water usage efficiency in the Center Pivot Irrigation systems reaches to 90 – 95 %.

Linear Irrigation Systems

The Linear Irrigation Systems are developed for the purpose of the irrigating of rectangular shaped fields.

Drip Irrigation Systems

It is the process of giving water to the root region of the plant at frequent intervals with the help of drippers and pipes.


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